Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A sudden rendez-vous

In the way
I appear here
To you
I guess
You don’t mind
This sudden rendez-vous

It might help
To see me
In this tiny form
It makes it very easy
To move around

And if you ever
Get the notion
Of hearing
A young woman’s voice
While you take a stroll
Through the everlasting
Where the wind
Seems to sing
A song
You can remember
It was me

© Ad Vulto. 2018. All rights reserved

Picture courtesy of Albina Belova
© picture Jose Lucas Fotografie

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

It ain't superstition
Or a flash in the pan
Something belittled
As a mental quirk

You are lucky, brother
When you got 
That instant understanding

You can be proud, sister
When you can be something

When there is
That clear notion
That you know
I wish you courage
And all the fun
When you embrace
Your intuition

© Ad Vulto. 2017. All rights reserved

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Pirate Queen 

(For Jay-Jay Juliette)

I am the one

Who knows
Where to find
The Horn of Plenty

The Treasure’s Vault
And the Strait
To Infinity 

I have lived
On a Sailing Ship
My life is like sailing
Across the Waters

My eyes are 
The Diamonds
I once collected
Under palm trees
Across the Equator

I am your Pirate Queen 
I share the Horn of Plenty 
Stories of far and away
And the Wisdom 
Of my Soul

© Ad Vulto. 2017. All rights reserved

Picture courtesy of Jay-Jay Juliette

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Chandra speaking

(For Chandra Marsden)

With my music
I take you 
To your
Home universe

I see
And hear
My eyes 
And ears

My name means
I can be
Your viewpoint 
Of life

© Ad Vulto. 2017. All rights reserved

Picture courtesy of Chandra Marsden

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Speaking with horses
(Eleonora Iv)

I tell you
With my attitude
And my touch 

I love your nobility
And your loyalty 
While you carry me
Wherever I want to go

© Ad Vulto. 2017. All rights reserved
Picture courtesy of Eleonora Iv


The Romans
Founded this little place
Where later
Even the Vikings passed by
In their flat boats
On the old bent Rhine

Green grass
Never smells fresher
On a late summer morning
Or an evening
In the beginning of May

Those are memories
Of my youth

© Ad Vulto. 2017. All rights reserved

Josi Valerio

You have made it
Your mission 
To help others 
The inner beauty 
That they are 

This is
How others 
Know you 

And you do all this
Your way of life
From a silence
No wavelength 
No location

It is this
What I see 
When we see 

© Ad Vulto. 2017. All rights reserved
Picture courtesy of Josi Valerio