Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Speaking with horses
(Eleonora Iv)

I tell you
With my attitude
And my touch 

I love your nobility
And your loyalty 
While you carry me
Wherever I want to go

© Ad Vulto. 2017. All rights reserved
Picture courtesy of Eleonora Iv


The Romans
Founded this little place
Where later
Even the Vikings passed by
In their flat boats
On the old bent Rhine

Green grass
Never smells fresher
On a late summer morning
Or an evening
In the beginning of May

Those are memories
Of my youth

© Ad Vulto. 2017. All rights reserved

Josi Valerio

You have made it
Your mission 
To help others 
The inner beauty 
That they are 

This is
How others 
Know you 

And you do all this
Your way of life
From a silence
No wavelength 
No location

It is this
What I see 
When we see 

© Ad Vulto. 2017. All rights reserved
Picture courtesy of Josi Valerio

Friday, September 15, 2017

Great things never come from the comfort zone!

I came from a land
Far away
You might not even know
Where to find it
On a map

But I decided
To take my life
One step further
Into the unknown
What I want

Ever since I was
A few years old
I knew
Great things only happen
Outside the comfort zone

© Ad Vulto. 2017. All rights reserved
Picture courtesy of Nurz Purz

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

For Alejandra Chavarria

I am a goddess
But I created this form
Out of flesh and blood
So you can see me

And I have seen
All the temples
And the halls
Of knowledge

And found
That they wrote
What I already

I am here
To show you
That your path of life
Is uniquely yours

I may appear
As a goddess to you
But the truth of the matter is
It's just simply me

© Ad Vulto. 2017. All rights reserved

Picture courtesy of Rodrigo Alatorre

Thursday, August 24, 2017

For vocalist Diana Bellini

I am the princess of dawn 
A messenger of the gods

In fact

I can take you 
To the Phantom 
Of the Opera
Through a song
Or play from Cats

As I may seem  
I have to stand
With two feet
On this planet
Just like you

Hear my song
Or look at me
Either way
I am here
To sing 
For anyone of you 

© Ad Vulto. 2017. All rights reserved
Picture courtesy of Diana Bellini

Saturday, August 19, 2017


(For performance artist Megan Kashat)

How you are performing
On a stage in front of
All these men
Who had themselves
Go through all those
Wanky animalisms
To come out
The other end
With one thought only
Damn, you are alive, girl!
And you make your life
And livingness
A piece of art
Flying by
In a Mach 2.5 Raptor jet
And shredding a guitar
Putting Steve Vai to shame
How you make women
Seeing you perform
Feeling jealous and amazed
About what a being
Can do with a woman's body
And when they got themselves
Straightened out
They realize
Damn, you are alive, girl!
I love your paintings
I really do
And how fire
Is coming out of your eyes
And your thoughts
In your words
There is only one thing more
I have to tell you now
Damn it, girl, you are alive !

© Ad Vulto. 2017. All rights reserved.
Picture courtesy of Megan Kashat