Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Land Between Two Rivers

It's the land in the middle of East
And it will never surrender
No force or coercion
Will ever make it to deny
That it formed the cradle
Of western civilization

Land between two rivers
Euphrates and Tigris
Translates into Mesopotamia
Big souls have walked
This land
In the past

Great civilizations
Came forth
From this land
Between two rivers
Astronomy, the wheel
Letter writing, the physician

It has been said
That the Britons and the Irish
Hail from the area
Of what is now
Long before the Muslims raised

These were river people
Living in boats
And houses on poles
Crossing the lands
On camels and horses
From oasis to oasis

The uncrowned queen of Mesopotamia
Was Sheherazade
Who told her stories
Of Thousand and One Night
Which created in Europe
What is known as The Rennaissance

These were people
Of indescribable beauty
Their long hair dancing in the wind
With compassion for life
Ready to serve
Their fellow man

No destruction
Will ever destroy
The Land between Two Rivers
Where cultures were forged
From gold, water and fire
And gods inspired man

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.

Monday, January 9, 2017


I am the sunshine
Even when the sun has set
Even during the night
When I make a moondance
I am the sunshine

When you see the light
During the day
You actually see me
See me dancing on the beach
Even when the sun has set
When I make the moon dance

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.


On an afternoon
I closed my eyes
Laying on the sofa

A castle appeared in a dream
It was "chateau"
The walls of the
main building
And its two long wings
Overgrown with bushes
Of pink roses

I had never seen this before
In my dreams
A memory
From a time
When I lived
In France
Beautiful summers
Exquisite wines

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Renaissance Man Talking

I came from Vinci
A rural place in Toscany land
In Italian that would be
Da Vinci
Now I have an idea yet
Why people rever me
Put me on a pedestal
For being such a genius
They don't know everything yet
About themselves
If you would ask me

You call me a polymath
A diversity man
I call you a polymath too
You can do
All those things that I did
And more
Architecture, painting, writing,
Drafting, astronomy, you name it
All I put forth here
Is that I gently
Challenge others
On their self imposed  limitations

I let you in
On something
My slogan
Saper vedere
Which is latin for
Knowing how to see
It's the power
Of observation
That gets you there

My name is Leonardo
I am known
For catching the smile
Of a woman
On canvass
And made it
My life's mission

May I ask this question

Wouldn't you give it a try too?

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.

Birthday wish for Daria


I am Daria

Would you like
To listen
To my wisdom
Would you like
To hear me sing
I am one year younger now
I feel I am the coming Spring
You can hear my laughter
I can touch your soul
Remember me for what I am
It's my everlasting goal

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


And it's
A touch

And it's 
A smile

And it's
A touch

And it's a

And it's a

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.
 Painting  ©  by Daniel Gerhartz
Yana's Garden

You can see the sun rise
At the East
In my garden

How far did you travel
Before the last time we met
I will ask

See the sunflowers greet you
From afar
They are growing for you

When I have a friend
Who is not at peace
I bring lavendel

Did you count the stars
Above my garden
At night

Love my garden
If you can
It will love you back

When you come around
We can sit down again
And remember

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.

Monday, January 2, 2017

The Moon at the Darkness of Night

When Sun has gone down
So it appears in your life
I will be there to lighten your path
At night

I will dance for you
In front of your eyes
As a Shiva
In a circle of fire

You can call me Chandra
Which means Moonlight
Or Goddess if you will
My light will guide you

As a man
You will fall in love
Not with my body
But with who I am

As a woman
You will feel reassured
Of your beauty
By what I am

I am the Source of the Sun
Creator, Survivor and Destroyer
You see me as moonlight
I will lighten your path

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Carried by the wind from the hills

Acropolis, from afar
My heart was drawn
To this soulful sound
Carried by the wind
From the hills

Poseidon's Temple
Built on the top of a cliff
Holds the secret of ages past
Carried by the wind
From the hills

Ancient goddess, with the gods
Of life and livingness
When I call on you
I feel like I am carried
By the wind from the hills

When my mind is in doubt 
Which way to go
I listen to your song
Carried by the wind
From the hills

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.