Friday, April 10, 2015

Peanut butter sin

Peanut butter sin

I know it is a sin
My doctor told me so
It's no good
For this or that
To eat peanut butter
With honey
On my bread
So all that's left
Is to think about the crime
Of having peanut butter
On my mind

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pitied men

Pitied men

I feel pity for only those
Who by their acts
Make the life
Of men
Far too miserable
At the same time
Do not know
That they not
Have to face up
For it
In front of God
But definitely
In front of their own eyes
And those of others
Would they desire
To go on living
At any other time

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Free !!

A few trillion years later
after some travel here
and some game there
things got a little involved
a little too much
to remember
that when it all was started
in this petty universe
called "I owe you"
it was me or you
who agreed
of our own free will
to skip the idea for a while
that you are free
so do not challenge me
when I say
the joke was on us
because after all
one of those last moments
we thought
there was no end
to the end
we found
ourselves again
with a laugh and a sigh
the simplicity of you
"I am free!"

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.

The Running Man - For Tom Cruise

The Running Man

See me go 

A running man 

Want to catch up 

With time

Wonna be

The first one 

To pass 

The finish line 

See me run 

I am in a game 

Not only with you 

Also with time

The Running Man 

No time to think 

Watch me go!

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.



Once it was a distant call

While we were bound 
By a statute of limitations 
But now 
While entering a playing field 
You found 
That call came from within

In fact 
You are that wake up call 
While you found 
You are


© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.

Changing Life

Changing Life 

Life can be changing on you 

Or you can change life 

Either way, it's up to you
Once we were all
Thrown in this sea
Or did we jump ourselves?

All we do now
Is to be a captain of a ship
Heading home
In a sea of

Changing life

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.



As a child 
You could not wait 
It was right there 
This thing called Saturday 
The world looked brand new 
In fact it was yours 
Because the whole world 
Was at play 
It can still be done 
And still is 

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.

Bright future

Bright Future

In the darkest of night

There is a truth

That darkness can not lie

For all darkness is

Is artificial blacking

That it can not keep up

For we are

Beings with a bright future

Because that future

Is made out of truth

As we are

And therefore is

Bright after all

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.