Thursday, April 2, 2015


Free !!

A few trillion years later
after some travel here
and some game there
things got a little involved
a little too much
to remember
that when it all was started
in this petty universe
called "I owe you"
it was me or you
who agreed
of our own free will
to skip the idea for a while
that you are free
so do not challenge me
when I say
the joke was on us
because after all
one of those last moments
we thought
there was no end
to the end
we found
ourselves again
with a laugh and a sigh
the simplicity of you
"I am free!"

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.


  1. Puedo publicar este poema en mi facebook? Hoy escuche parte de una conferencia (los usos y el futuro de Scientology) conferencia 12 ; solamente hasta la pag, 4 tiene que ver con AdmiraciĆ³n y libertad .

  2. Absolutely. Go ahead and feel free to put it on your FB.