Friday, September 30, 2016

Poseidon's horses

Rolling onto the beach
Are Poseidon's horses
With the strength of each
Are multiple forces

Unleashing their power
Out of the massive sea
Every minute every hour
A rolling force it to be

When flood is coming in
A massive herd then forms
Storming the coast will begin
Turning waves into storms

Poseidon reigns his horses
From far and away it is
Representing his forces
Full control is all his

Fronting this mighty power
Of rolling thundering wave
Standing like a tower
Your last breath you gave

Nothing can withstand this
No tower or power
Left is the saving bliss
Of Poseidon's three pinned flower

All those mighty horses
Rolling thundering wave
Curb those mighty forces
His power he then gave

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved


  1. Casi me atrevo a decir que es uno de los que más me gusta, hay muchos que me gustan mucho la verdad ! y me llenan profundamente, quizás este poema desde el nombre que ya me Impresiono,o que habla de Poseídon, caballos ,"la fuerza de cada uno son múltiples fuerzas" Uffffff todo es precioso !!! Mi aplauso.

    1. Gracias por su respuesta que le anima.

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  3. Gracias por su respuesta que le anima.