Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Duchess of Galicia

(For Conchi Herves)

I had the Honour
To meet 
The Duchess of Galicia
She gave me a Glance
In passing

She still has Youth
In her Eyes
While playing with Children
In a Meadow field
On a warm sunny Day

She rules her Country
From afar
And writes Love letters
To a Prince 
In a distant Land

Her Smile
Is hard to Withstand
When you had the Honour
To meet
The Duchess of Galicia

She lives among the People
Shops at the Grocery store
Her House is filled
With Roses
Lillies and Expectation

And on a free Saturday afternoon
She drives her Ferrari Evoluzione
Over the circuit 
For a race
Just for fun

The Duchess of Galicia
Lives her own Life
Dreams of a Journey
To the Land
Of her Dreams

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved
    Picture courtesy of Conchita Herves