Thursday, November 24, 2016

Taytu RaUkuu

Taytu, that's my name
The daughter of Ra
I, Princess of the Kingdom
Of the Big River in West Africa

A lion awaits you at my door
But fear not
I speak the language
Of the king of animals
And so can speak with them all

My feet are touching
Mother Earth
All of the day
And I believe
Laughter is the best
Medicine of all

Taytu, you know
Is my name
Our continent is raising
We are the birthground
Of rhythm
And of soul

I watch the eagle fly
And the sky
I know when rain is coming
Days ahead
And when my sister
Is on the way miles afar

Take care of my lion cub
While I make you tea
With sugar reed
Real sweet
Play with it now
Or it will run away

Taytu is my name
If it is needed
I can climb the top
Of the highest hill
To see
If my land is at peace

Fear not
For wild animals
In the night
I know hours ahead
When they have planned
To go down their path

Taytu that means
I can teach you simple life
I can show you a dance
And how to be a friend
I am the Princess
Of the Land of the Big River
In West Africa

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved
© picture courtesy of Taytu RaUkuu

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