Monday, July 17, 2017


Is my Venezuela too

Venezuela means
Little Venice
From the moment
Spanish sailors
Saw houses on poles
In Lake Maracaibo
In 1499
And it reminded them
Of that well-known place
In Northern Italy
An unstoppable wave
Is rolling over South America
A strong awakening desire
For freedom
By The Way To Happiness
The Universal Declaration
Of Human Rights
People saw
Oppressive conditions
Can change
Once they chance
From within
As was so clearly
The message
From beautiful
Such desire
For a better life
Becomes unstoppable
Once it is tasted
Even to the slightest degree
And it can drive suppressives mad
As it currently does
In Venezuela
Anything done
That brings anyone
In Little Venice
Closer to his own
True nature
Is a final defeat
To such oppression
My heart
Is with Venezuela
Beauty at the sea
You are free

© Ad Vulto. 2017. All rights reserved.

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