Thursday, March 19, 2015

It did not happen!


”There it was, the Time Machine, standing in the big hall with glass walls. And how was it operated?  You stepped inside of  - it was a little small metal space – and you postulated the future and there you are!

That sounds awefully simple but not for historian Wondermann of some renowned university.
Because, how did he go about it?
He was asked by newspaper The Newz to write an article with scientific input about the Time Machine. He was more than willing to share his expertise, as he saw it. And share his cultivated scepsis.

And so, he stepped into the Time Machine, intending to put it to the test. With malice aforethought! He was going to go into the future -  driving a car on a far away planet was his plan - with the thought that it did not happen. This was an experiment and might prove the Time Machine a bogus and a hoax. Because how could this ever work out?
But it did!
For good!

In fact, Wondermann was never seen again after he stepped into the Time Machine. Those in care of it looked inside, around it, under it, anywhere and could not find him after his disappearance had been discovered.

Wondermann had gone up in smoke. He was not of this world anymore.

The Time Machine had read into it to put him in the future but at the same time that it did not happen and so made the fellow disappear, that simple really.

"Now, you can think of this story what you want, you can do with it what you will, I would not care,”
said the teacher to the class. ”After all, it did not happen!”

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