Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Octahedron Meteor

The Octahedron Meteor

Jewels have always been at the center of man’s desires. And one vibrant stone in particular. The Octahedron Meteor. Made out of glass it seemed,  for the untrained eye. But not so in actual fact. A 26 karat galactic diamont, as big as a house, the ever sought-after precious collectors item of any member of the Universal Gem Society.

”But how to obtain it in our collection”, was the one obsessive thought that had circled through the minds of the many of the Society.

Because, it had been travelling through space since time immemorial and never was owned, except in the thoughts of these very members of the UGS.
An excruciating circumstance.

”We will send out a space probe. Damn, I don’t know! Can somebody else come up with an idea?       I mean, we have to do something now before it will fly by within the next days, as you all know,” uttered chairman Tockville in desperation during the extraordinary meeting of the Society.

”I have no idea how”, engineer Franks said.

Tockville’s secretary, Mrs. Johansson, raised up from her chair, looked around and continued.
”Well, I tell you all something else. You might have possibly forgotten about the fact that there is no way we are ever going to touch it. Remember, it was the very first object ever created in the universe. It is owned by no one and still, by everyone. You own it on exclusion of others and you will pull the plug out of this playing field!  
So, I suggest we just let it fly by.”

”With all respect, madam, but I couldn’t care less about your proposal,” Tockville responded.  ”If having the stone in our collection would mean the end of this universe, we shall simply start a new one and we would build it around it. How is that for an idea?  So, again, don’t let me sit here with the problem, all by myself. This is a one-time chance in eternity! And I want it in our collection!”

Johansson stood up and walked over to one of the windows and looked outside. ”You have no idea what you are dealing with” she responded. Her attention got caught by an unusual light.
The low spirit in the meeting room didn’t match the cheers of people out on the street. Why?
Well known astronomer John Inxs explained it all on national tv: that meteor was sparkling  light while it went through the atmosphere; it could not burn up or spark fire because diamant is hardest of them all. But it was sending off light with the intensity of avatars, buddha’s, masters of the universe.

And for the Universal Gem Society and mrs. Johansson, standing in front of the window, looking out?
She was elected chairman in the next meeting, just one week later. How could that happen suddenly?
A sudden awaking spark of wisdom with all involved? Or common sense?
Who knows?!

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