Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Land Between Two Rivers

It's the land in the middle of East
And it will never surrender
No force or coercion
Will ever make it to deny
That it formed the cradle
Of western civilization

Land between two rivers
Euphrates and Tigris
Translates into Mesopotamia
Big souls have walked
This land
In the past

Great civilizations
Came forth
From this land
Between two rivers
Astronomy, the wheel
Letter writing, the physician

It has been said
That the Britons and the Irish
Hail from the area
Of what is now
Long before the Muslims raised

These were river people
Living in boats
And houses on poles
Crossing the lands
On camels and horses
From oasis to oasis

The uncrowned queen of Mesopotamia
Was Sheherazade
Who told her stories
Of Thousand and One Night
Which created in Europe
What is known as The Rennaissance

These were people
Of indescribable beauty
Their long hair dancing in the wind
With compassion for life
Ready to serve
Their fellow man

No destruction
Will ever destroy
The Land between Two Rivers
Where cultures were forged
From gold, water and fire
And gods inspired man

© Ad Vulto. 2016. All rights reserved.


  1. Es muy bonito, muy real,como sacado del track. Y sobre todo "Romántico "

    Éufrates , mesopotamia , renacimiento , sheherazade , , el tigris estos nombres me transportan.Todo el poema es ¡Marailloso !