Thursday, January 5, 2017

Renaissance Man Talking

I came from Vinci
A rural place in Toscany land
In Italian that would be
Da Vinci
Now I have an idea yet
Why people rever me
Put me on a pedestal
For being such a genius
They don't know everything yet
About themselves
If you would ask me

You call me a polymath
A diversity man
I call you a polymath too
You can do
All those things that I did
And more
Architecture, painting, writing,
Drafting, astronomy, you name it
All I put forth here
Is that I gently
Challenge others
On their self imposed  limitations

I let you in
On something
My slogan
Saper vedere
Which is latin for
Knowing how to see
It's the power
Of observation
That gets you there

My name is Leonardo
I am known
For catching the smile
Of a woman
On canvass
And made it
My life's mission

May I ask this question

Wouldn't you give it a try too?

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